Saturday, 1 September 2012

My Second Wishlist x Ministry of Retail

Is anyone gonna welcome me back? HAHA
The  last blog entry was two months ago. It's a good way to start my 1st day of September. :)
I just have a little story to tell, guys. Yesterday, I was reading the blogs of my favorite Philippine bloggers (my everyday habit) and it so happened that Camille Co is hosting a giveaway (which I never had a chance to win). It says a $100 Ministry of Retail coupon will be given away for the lucky one. I hope it's going to be me. Everybody, let's cross our fingers!

Anyway, I browsed through the site and picked my top dresses. Sooner, I'll be able to purchase them all.

To start off, I'm going to let my favorite color stand out. My eyes got bigger looking at this dress. It's so magical. I can already imagine myself wearing this. I know I'd feel so pretty (though I know I'm not). Any girl would look so much that of a princess.

The sleeves and its cutout is so feminine. The length of the dress is perfect as well though I know I'll be needing sky high heels/wedges if I were to wear this. Well, for those gifted with height,this would be just right for you.

Just looking at the pictures would make you come into conclusion that this is made of great material. Lately, I have been purchasing blouses of sheer chiffon material. I only realized it when I was looking for a plain basic top for casual day outs. 

The moment I saw this maxi dress, I instantly thought of out Gigantes adventure this September. I don't know what's with maxis that I am soo much in love with them even if I dont own one. Surprised? You shouldn't be. Every time I see these kinds of dresses, I go loco and depressed. There's magic in this dress. But I am just not for them. I don't want to waste my time having it cut so as not to trip when wearing this. Uggggh, somebody help me gain height!

And here I go again with my collar obsession. HAHA. Well, hey! Look at that collar? Perfectly cut out to make you feel 10 years looking younger and playful. Not to mention that it also comes with my favorite detail -- Polka Dots. Sounds Perfect!

This one's slim fit. This the main reason why I go jog even for like 30 minutes only. Better than none at all. I love how it emphasize the curves of the body and the short length of the bottom would make girls like me look taller. This comes in white too (below) My first choice was the grey one but then white's much more classy. I just don't know if the purity of white would look good on me. Every girl must take that into consideration. Why the hell would you purchase something you won't look good at? Makes sense?

The last of my endless list. I wish to mighty God I have this dress. I love it. That simple. It's so sophisticated.

That would be all folks. I have a lot of dresses saved on my lappy but then it might take forever for me to finish this post. I thought of just posting the pictures but that wouldn't make you all feel how much I long for these god damned clothes.  :) Enjoy browsing Ministry of Retail's site. I'm sure you'll love them

Be as merry as ever.
~merry meryll~

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


As I have said a long long time ago, I have always been a fan of giveaways. Especially when it's with the bloggers I follow everyday. And by the way, believe me when I say EVERYDAY.

So imagine me with my eyes as big as an owl when I opened my facebook account and saw Cheyser Pedregosa's post about her 6th birthday giveaway. It isn't the last giveaway yet, but look at that Blackberry 9220 up for grabs for her lovely readers like me? LOL

Isn't that amazing? Just in case you're lucky, you get a FREE phone! This isn't just an ordinary phone fellas. This is Blackberry! A phone almost everybody wants to have. I have my own BB Curve but it's a different unit. 7 months ago, I bought my own Blackberry Curve 8520 (not so new compared to other people who have blackberry phones) and mind you, I bought it from a friend. Tadaah  ---  second hand! But anyways, so long as I experience the blackberry fever. HAHA

It's a good thing bloggers like Cheyser would host a giveaway as big as giving gadgets like this. It excites my happy hormones. Like I always say, I just have that 1-5% of winning, but better have that tiny percentage than none at all. Crossing my fingers and everything that I could ever cross. I am so desperate to win this phone. 

On the super brighter side, this is isn't the last giveaway yet. What could the seventh giveaway be? Could be a trip to somewhere out of the country? Hmmmm. 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

My First Ever Wishlist x Solilor

With my busy schedule, I have no time on checking out sites for any clothes I'd dream to buy.
Just today, since my duty is still 2 and a half hours later, I thought of checking out Solilor's site and pin pointing which dress I'd dream (again) to buy. Pardon me, I'm still saving, ya know!

Dark Blue Heart Shape Sweety Round Neck Loose Dress

Blue. One of my favorite colors. Could be the first item for my "OOTD" post on my blog? Haven't done any outfit post yet. My blog has been just a diary. Need to save money. :(

Sweet & Cute Chiffon Dress with Pink Lovely Collar

"Title True"
The title defines this dress accurately. I'm lost for words. The collar amazed me that much.

Fashion Round Neck Short Sleeve Dress Beige

"Can't take my eyes off"
This would be worn on a day of my masteral class if ever I'll pursue. Oftentimes might be worn on a day of coffee with best circle of friends.

Flounced Patchwork Sleeveless Dress White

I am a certified sucker for cute collars. If I had all the money in the world, I'd buy this.

Fresh Chiffon Dress with Birds and Flowers Print

"I'm a girl now"
Now this would be the only dress I'd wear a wedge with. I love daydreaming. 

Honey Girls Bird Pattern Round Neck Dress

All around dress.
This I know would be my all around dress. Can be worn anytime, any event, anywhere.  

Indian Ethnic Style Pattern Printed Hollow Back Dress

This would be my second love. I've been drooling over tribal styles from fashion blogs I've been reading lately. And this! This is my love.

Polka Dot Round Neck Chiffon Dress

"Awwwwww Expression"
I guess this could be the collection of my not so sleeveless-ed dress I have in my closet. This hides my not so perfect shoulders plus a not so bulgy collar bone. :)

Vintage Bleached Denim Dress Chiffon

"Perfect for my huge arms"
Weeeeee. I'm out of words. So to perfectly describe my emotions, this is just my FAVORITE.  

Vintage Flora Print Dress Chiffon V Neck

"Going gaga"
With this dress, I'd definitely, definitely, buy floral flats.

Vintage Retro Floral Printing Slim Ruffled Dress

"Eyes Wide Open"
It wouldn't hurt trying this one. I've seen this from Vern Enciso's blog and it wouldn't be a crime if I follow exactly what she did with this dress. Teehhee

More sites soon! 

Monday, 2 July 2012

Im a Giveaway Winner

Can you tell who's the HAPPIEST?

Yipee. This is the very first time I won some"thing" from a giveaway. Actually, the second time around. The first one's just a discount coupon, which I haven't used yet. As I have mentioned on one post, I always join giveaways of blogs I follow though I just have that 5% chance of winning. So what? It's better having that tiny percentage than none at all.

And for the fruit of my labor, I won this Gretchen Barreto eau de toilette from Vern Enciso's Blog, A Shoetale. She's been hosting a lot of giveaways lately so tune it to her blog all the time.
[ Photo Credits to: Vern Enciso ]

The delivery was a tad bit late, I thought I wouldn't feel this on my hands. But it arrived a few weeks before without me even expecting it. I was just surprised when I received a text from the LBC deliverer saying he left the present with our neighbor. Well, it pays to wait. :)

Sunday, 1 July 2012

What If's

I'm not swamped with loads of paperworks or all those stuff we usually rant over at work and school. But if I could describe what I'm feeling this past few days, it's literally HELL!

I am the type of person who lets other people see how strong my personality is. However, I'm not too sure if anyone knew about me being so "soft-hearted". I am used to waking up till the wee hours of the morning though I worked like a machine the whole day. I know it isn't healthy at all. But I'd like to let you all know that I try hard to make myself fall asleep. When I worked as a call center agent, I drink medicine tablets that could make me feel drowsy so as to make me doze off (Biogesic, Neozep, etc.). Weird right? But I stopped doing that already. Now that I am in a zombie no more workplace, my sleeping pattern is back for revenge. 

I wouldn't mind if I didn't have enough sleep or something. I can totally manage that. What's killing me is that when everyone else is sleeping soundly, here I am already in bed just before midnight, couldn't sleep, thinking of the what-if's in life. And what do I mean by that?

I am a nurse by profession. Almost everyday, we take care of patients with different ailments. Most of the time, I get assigned to male patients who have families. Whether or not they are fathers, mothers, teens, infants or young adults like us, let us try putting ourselves in their position. I have already been assigned to Stations 1, 2, and 3, ICU and ER. I love having small talks with my patients. And I couldn't resist getting close to them right after my shift. 

My "what-ifs" started when I was assigned at the Intensive Care Unit. The first patient I got is a male who is at his 50's. I was just doing my usual routine: hourly vital signs, charting, nasogastric tube feeding, giving meds and bedside care. In the middle of my shift, he was visited by his family. They were still all worried. Who can blame them? We would feel the same way if that happens to us, right?. The last one who entered the room was his son. And for the very first time, he CRIED. I left the room to give them privacy and because I know that if I stayed longer, I would shed tears as well. In the back of my mind, what if this happened to my father? No holding back, I would really quit my nursing career, go back to the call center industry ad work my ass off to pay all the bills needed for the hospital just to save my papa. :( I AM POSITIVE THIS WON'T HAPPEN TO HIM. I HAVE A BIGGER FAITH.

Then came the exposure at the emergency room. Nothing came into my mind in particular. While I was at home, relaxing, I received a text message telling me that our previous bone cancer patient was rushed to the ER that night. My heart was crushed. If you could remember, he was the one I was referring to on my previous blog post (the guy we surprised with a birthday cake). Stories went on and on. He even told his parents 'I love you' minutes before they headed to the hospital. While at the ER, he couldn't recognize his own parents anymore. He even punched his mother accidentally in the face while struggling to breathe. My friend was there all the time, holding his head so as to protect it. And later on, he went to respiratory arrest, and got intubated. Another story about him is that, prior to that condition, he told his mother to buy a coat for his girlfriend. SO, what if this happened to me? This isn't like PBB Teens but with everything my boyfriend did for me, I couldn't stand the pain if this would happen to him. :(

Lastly, I was early for my 2PM shift on a Friday; my final duty for the emergency unit exposure. I didn't bother assisting in the intubation since a lot of nurses surrounded the patient already. What I did was to help in ambubagging right after. That day was jam packed. While I was bagging, another one came in (who died right after 45 minutes of CPR), and another one came in (an infant who was saved but in critical condition). I didn't mind bagging for almost 3 hours non-stop since everyone was busy. I just told my patient who was conscious and coherent, "My hands hurt already and I feel tired. But I know you are the one who's much more tired than the two of us. Don't worry, Sir. I am here to help you." (in vernacular ofcourse). Honestly and truly, I said that to my patient. I told his folks to enter the bed area and talk to him. A quiet man, his son, came to him, later bowed his head down. I knew he was holding back the tears. And I was then holding back my tears as well. What moved my tears to come out was when the rest of the children entered and held their father's hand with tears on their eyes. Right after that, his grandchildren entered and cried their hearts out. "Lolo paayo na bala Lolo." (Lolo please get well) And Mr. Lolo who has difficulty breathing continued nodding his head. Me? Tears fell already. Why did I have to be there when they all cried? I had no choice. I was there bagging for more or less 6 hours, still convincing my patient that I am there to help him until there were episodes of good sleep on him. :) Making sure that I don't sound like I cried, I told my patient, "Sir, see? A lot of people love you. Please fight. We're here praying for you. I'm here by your side, helping you."

Quite a long post right? Sorry! I couldn't sleep. Later is going to be my first day in the Hemodialysis unit. Hoping for a "no-code-2weeks-duty".
 Life  indeed is too short. Let's not waste it. We might regret what we let slip away. Just like that song huh.

I'mma end this. Too much of everything in my head.

Good health for everyone! 

Saturday, 30 June 2012

I'm FAT and I know Eat

Recently, I discovered Fatboys through a blog. Sadly, I forgot the site. We just tried it a few days ago and it didn't fail me! The ambience is great! Perfect for bloggers. Let me give you a tour:

All these are posted on the walls of this small restaurant. In my opinion, it suits teens, children and all those young at heart. And let me tell you, the quotes scribbled at the walls are all made through clay. Yes! Clay. People behind this place are so creative.

Ever wonder, what this is? It's a giant menu! Cool, right?

Why and how did we stepped into Fatboys? A highschool friend who works in Manila went home and held her post-birthday celebration with us. We value friendship that mucho!

Friday, 29 June 2012

We Ain't Feeling Blue

We were all wearing blue and we didn't even noticed it! We truly are best of friends.

College is over. It's been 2 years of not being a student, yet we still act like children playing. We took the opportunity to watch a movie and eat dinner together since it's our day offs. Yes! These little girls work their asses already. The sad part is, we DON'T get PAID. Serbisyo Publiko at its best. LOL

Sorry for the quality of my photos. I'm saving money for an expensive SLR. (Assuming, Hoping, and Praying) haha