Thursday, 12 April 2012

It's a FIRST

Yeah, I know my header is one of Camille Co's pictures. I am not stealing that photo guys. I am just in love with bows (obsessed actually). So before I forget, CREDITS to Camille Co for the pretty-ful bow.

It's almost two years of following posts of my favorite bloggers. And yes, this is the first time I am trying to get myself busy by blogging. So how did I start loving bloggers anyway? (Am I that redundant?) Here’s the story. Get your ears ready for this (pretty long) story.
I was a call center agent for more than a year. Those times, I didn’t get the chance to stroll, to bond with my girls, to even shop for my own clothes. I didn’t even had the time for pampering. I worked with two call centers in a span of 1 year. Not quite long, but those were the times I can TRULY say that I was so tired, I wanna get some sleep, get some sleep, get some sleep. I couldn’t think of anything else to do but to have the need of the most wanted thing on earth —- SLEEP. Yes, I got tired. But on the brighter side, I never regret those times. Why? I had and still have great friends on my call center life (not to mention those who are materialistic and live by making people feel inferior). PEACE.
4 months on my first company and 9 months on the second. That’s a year and a month. It was when I was about to end my career as an agent when I discovered bloggers. Honestly, I couldn’t remember how I found out about Laureen Uy. When I saw her blog, I was in awe. If I could just steal all her wedges, I really would. But then I am not a criminal. :) 

You all know her site right? For those who don't, you can check her blog posts at
Then I met Camille Co’s Blog. How could she have all the height in the world? I can never have that even if I ask for a miracle. I am not girly, but this girl made me feel like everyone deserves to feel like a pretty lady. I can honestly imagine how happy she is of becoming so famous for blogging and becoming Mango's IT GIRL. 

Her site is on temporary maintenance but you can still check it out at However, don't forget yo open from time to time and prepare to be awed by her awesomeness.
Here we go, I decided to write about her on the last part of this post for the sole reason that I LOVE HER. To death! This girl makes me go wild. Pretty, gorgeous, skinny, lovely, beautiful, glamorous, chic, independent, versatile, talented. Alright I’ll stop now. I can’t help myself. 

KRYZ UY is simply awesome. I sometimes wish I can be her; but that can’t be. I am no dancer (never good at it), no designer (I guess I can’t even if I try),  no makeup artist (she isn’t as well, but I love the way she puts make up). Wait, stop again. Do I sound a BIT obsessed now? haha. I know I am, and I don’t give a damn.
The bottomline is that each and everyone of us are unique. These pretty ladies I adore are just inspirations. Yes, we idolize them but not to the point that they become our gods. Never let a day pass without thanking God that we still get the chance to live this day and the opportunity to be motivated with the help of other people’s stories. Let’s follow all the blogs we love, so long as you don't that YOU are YOU.
Love lots, Meryll. :)

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