Sunday, 27 May 2012

Hazy Lazy

I am a Nurse and I help save lives. Yeah right! With no pay at all. What's motivating me and our group is the closeness we get with our patients and their folks. This past few days, absence is what comes into my mind when waking up early in the morning. Actually, 5:30 isn't that early at all. How could you get on duty for a 6AM shift without getting late if you wake up at that time? I guess it's because I was used to the 2PM and the nocturnal shift PLUS I am insomniac. How cool is that?

I'd also like to share with you a photo of the birthday cake we bought for one of our cancer patients. I know this is confidential but I have no worries since the cake does not display his surname.  After all, I wouldn't mind posting a photo of him. We're that close and I know he'd be touched seeing his name on the web. And guess what? I'm certain that it's his best birthday ever. As a group, we bought him a cake plus balloons, and voila! A surprise birthday party in an instant. The staff of the hospital also gave him a present. Who wouldn't be happy knowing everyone else took time for your birthday though you don't memorize their names?

~Merry Meryll~

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