Tuesday, 29 May 2012

It Pays To Wait

This morning, I woke up at 7:30AM. But I have a duty at 6 in the morning. That just means I am absent for the seventh time around. I never intended to. It's just that my BB is stuck with this Reload Software 552 Error and I ain't got any alarm clock with me. Blaming it on my stupid Curve.

Moving on, I woke up with 7 text messages. Two of those came from a friend who said that one of our girl-friends is in big trouble. Stowed away, got held-up at a subdivision near my place and got electrocuted. Spell "Malas"? We felt bad about this news so we searched for her. Good thing I still am familiar with her uncle's house where she temporarily stays. When we got there, she was nowhere to be found. And when we asked her cousin, she never went home last night. I know that Bacolod is a small province. Yet, how and where could we find her? Her cellphones were already out of reach. Probably, already sold downtown. Poor Searl. We hope she's fine.

Since we had nothing to do, we went to Eastview Hotel and chatted over a cup of coffee. 

We didn't have the chance to get a photo of our coffee date..
Got this one from a cute website. :)
After a good coffee bonding, we headed to Cafe Bob's Restaurant and had some sweets stuffed on our mouths. Well, not exactly, 'coz I ordered tuna casserole. My ever tuna casserole and a slice of chocolate cake. My buddy got herself cream puffs and revel bars. The place really is perfect for people who wants to sit down, relax and catch up with great friends.

I guess I had too much of my story of what happened this day. Now what's with the title of this post? While we were at Bob's awhile ago, I received a text message from an unknown person letting me know that I have a job interview scheduled at 9am tomorrow. I was puzzled at first. Then I remembered I passed my resume months ago trying my luck to get hired as a medical transcriptionist in a company which I never knew the name of. I'm a bad job seeker. But no worries, I was once a call center agent so I know how to ask questions so as not to make them feel insulted. 

YES! It pays to wait. I waited and the job opportunity just surprised me. I mean, I waited for 2 or 3 months, I guess. I never expected to be given such a blessing. God always has His time. He knows when to shock me with His gifts. Goodluck to me. Tomorrow is going to be the judgement day. I just hope the schedule works for me. It's difficult to be a nurse you know. :)

~Merry Meryll~ 

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