Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Take Me To The Beach

Last April 26th, I was given the chance to visit the gorgeous Boracay Island. And YES, it definitely is my first time. When I heard my mom chit chatting with a friend over the phone talking 'bout Boracay Escapade, what must I do? Shouted "I'm coming with you!", in a instant!

Good and bad news though. I was on a nocturnal duty on the 25th. Mom and the Senior Citizen team (just kidding LOL) took off at around 2 in the morning. Which means to say, I am travelling all by myself on a loooong boring land trip. Imagine a 6-8 hours trip all alone and no sleep at all. Right after my duty at the hospital, I went straight to Bredco Pier in a rush hoping I could catch up for the 7:15 trip. Joined the long line and just minutes before the said trip, they shouted "Next trip na ni"! Holy Moly! I already had the money on my hand preparing to hand it in and I was just next to the person in front of the cashier. Talk about HASSLE. No choice but to transfer to the next ship and voila! I was scheduled for the 8am trip.

Upon arrival at the Iloilo port, a lot of men were offering their PUV's for 500 PHP off to Caticlan. Well, my friend just arrived from Boracay and I knew that I just had to pay 400 PHP fare, I insisted. And luckily, I got on the comfiest van. I could not believe I survived the trip without anyone with me. I was just sitting, holding my phone, listening to music, surfing the net, and chatting with friends over Facebook. A huge thanks to my BB Curve that made my journey not so bad at all.

When I arrived at Caticlan, I was puzzled with the number of people roaming around. A lot from and going to Boracay Island. How should I explain the feeling of having my BB empty batt while talking with a friend on where to pay that fees to get on a pumpboat. However, I managed. I got on that pumpboat, yeah. But I never felt that sad when everyone were groups of people taking pictures of each other on that boat. Me? NEVERMIND!

Just look at this when I arrived!

Amazing? IKR. It's worth the no-sleep-from-duty-travel-all-alone!

Too much of blabbering, let the photos roll.

SUMMER couldn't get any better than this!

~Merry Meryll~

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