Friday, 1 June 2012

Coffe Craze

P.S. The first four photos aren't mine. Credits to Google.

Lately, I have this craving for coffee that I couldn't contain. It might be because I could just be still and have that personal relationship with my lovely cup of coffee. Right now, I am lusting over Cafe Mocha. I can go from Hot to Iced to Frappe. Whatever it is as long as it's Coffee Based. Repetition much? Am I that obvious that I couldn't get my mind off this heavenly beverage? I'm a sucker for caffeine.

I know some of you are glad to know that you have friends who'd like to sit on a couch of a resto with a good ambiance, talk about life, love, career, moments, and laugh all the way. That's bonding at it's finest. That's the advantage of coffee, don't you agree?

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