Thursday, 28 June 2012

Run for a Cause

Last June 24th, my girlfriends and I participated in the "Donate a Kidney and Save a Life" program of Bacolod Adventist Medical Center's Run for a Cause. At first, I didn't bother joining for the sole reason of being lazy waking up too early in the morning. Just a few days before the fun run, I decided to join. I didn't have that much money that time so I borrowed from one of my girls and paid her right after my duty.  See? I told ya! It sucks to be poor. Haha

On the day of the event, my phone rang. Shocked to see the time! I must have woke up at 4 am and leave the house at 4:30 for me to get there right on time. Sadly, my friend called me at 4:30 am and I had to rush to the bathroom, wore proper jogging attire and head on to the hospital.

When I arrived, they were already jogging. Uggggh. I hate being late. Though I always am. :)

I signed up for the 10k run. Later on, went back to the facilitator and decided to choose the 5k run. I didn't know 10k is as far as I have imagined.

Tadaaaah!!! I completed the 5k run. Actually, not really! (Sigh) My college friend experienced the fun dive so we drove all the way back to the hospital to finish the run. Her finish line was at the ER.

Look at this picture! It isn't that obvious that my complexion is as black as charcoal. LOL! That's me wearing my jersey beside Angelique, the girl wearing a cap.

Till the next fun run. :)

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