Thursday, 31 May 2012

Small Circle, Big Circle

It is always nice to have a partner whom you can be crazy with everyday. You get to wear anything without the fear of being teased about being "baduy" or too sexy. You can do anything and be JUST YOU without being judged.
I am always a fan of big things, hence, I got a big Boyfriend, Bestfriend, Father figure, whatever you call him. He's all in one! Not to mention he's my personal stylist as well.I could never buy my clothes without him. He's the best picker of all.
And when it comes to photographs, that's it as seen in the picture. He SURRENDERS. I am always the pacute one while he's the wacky type of person. Needless to say, when  both of us get crazy, the world goes wild. Anything and everything in the sun becomes Funny on our eyes.
If other couples would call each other babe, honey, love, or darling, we call each other PANGIT, EESSSTUPEEED. But don't get me wrong. Those were just the times we baby talk and make fun. We don't really have that permanent "tawagan". Two of the most popular, or we are known for is Langga and Memi.
So tips on choosing a partner? Just follow your heart and make sure that person's worth the risk. Be certain that the man can bear with the hormones of women. For all women out there, you definitely know what I mean.

Stay in LOVE. :)

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