Monday, 2 July 2012

Im a Giveaway Winner

Can you tell who's the HAPPIEST?

Yipee. This is the very first time I won some"thing" from a giveaway. Actually, the second time around. The first one's just a discount coupon, which I haven't used yet. As I have mentioned on one post, I always join giveaways of blogs I follow though I just have that 5% chance of winning. So what? It's better having that tiny percentage than none at all.

And for the fruit of my labor, I won this Gretchen Barreto eau de toilette from Vern Enciso's Blog, A Shoetale. She's been hosting a lot of giveaways lately so tune it to her blog all the time.
[ Photo Credits to: Vern Enciso ]

The delivery was a tad bit late, I thought I wouldn't feel this on my hands. But it arrived a few weeks before without me even expecting it. I was just surprised when I received a text from the LBC deliverer saying he left the present with our neighbor. Well, it pays to wait. :)


  1. copngrats on winning! must be so happy.. ive never won a giveaway haha

    xo, Carla

  2. Thanks, Carla. Out of all the hundreds of giveaways I joined, that was the very first time. haha