Tuesday, 3 July 2012

My First Ever Wishlist x Solilor

With my busy schedule, I have no time on checking out sites for any clothes I'd dream to buy.
Just today, since my duty is still 2 and a half hours later, I thought of checking out Solilor's site and pin pointing which dress I'd dream (again) to buy. Pardon me, I'm still saving, ya know!

Dark Blue Heart Shape Sweety Round Neck Loose Dress

Blue. One of my favorite colors. Could be the first item for my "OOTD" post on my blog? Haven't done any outfit post yet. My blog has been just a diary. Need to save money. :(

Sweet & Cute Chiffon Dress with Pink Lovely Collar

"Title True"
The title defines this dress accurately. I'm lost for words. The collar amazed me that much.

Fashion Round Neck Short Sleeve Dress Beige

"Can't take my eyes off"
This would be worn on a day of my masteral class if ever I'll pursue. Oftentimes might be worn on a day of coffee with best circle of friends.

Flounced Patchwork Sleeveless Dress White

I am a certified sucker for cute collars. If I had all the money in the world, I'd buy this.

Fresh Chiffon Dress with Birds and Flowers Print

"I'm a girl now"
Now this would be the only dress I'd wear a wedge with. I love daydreaming. 

Honey Girls Bird Pattern Round Neck Dress

All around dress.
This I know would be my all around dress. Can be worn anytime, any event, anywhere.  

Indian Ethnic Style Pattern Printed Hollow Back Dress

This would be my second love. I've been drooling over tribal styles from fashion blogs I've been reading lately. And this! This is my love.

Polka Dot Round Neck Chiffon Dress

"Awwwwww Expression"
I guess this could be the collection of my not so sleeveless-ed dress I have in my closet. This hides my not so perfect shoulders plus a not so bulgy collar bone. :)

Vintage Bleached Denim Dress Chiffon

"Perfect for my huge arms"
Weeeeee. I'm out of words. So to perfectly describe my emotions, this is just my FAVORITE.  

Vintage Flora Print Dress Chiffon V Neck

"Going gaga"
With this dress, I'd definitely, definitely, buy floral flats.

Vintage Retro Floral Printing Slim Ruffled Dress

"Eyes Wide Open"
It wouldn't hurt trying this one. I've seen this from Vern Enciso's blog and it wouldn't be a crime if I follow exactly what she did with this dress. Teehhee

More sites soon! 


  1. nice printed dresses :) so cute :)

  2. it really is cute, sheena. thanks for dropping by my blog. :) will surely check yours as well :)