Wednesday, 25 July 2012


As I have said a long long time ago, I have always been a fan of giveaways. Especially when it's with the bloggers I follow everyday. And by the way, believe me when I say EVERYDAY.

So imagine me with my eyes as big as an owl when I opened my facebook account and saw Cheyser Pedregosa's post about her 6th birthday giveaway. It isn't the last giveaway yet, but look at that Blackberry 9220 up for grabs for her lovely readers like me? LOL

Isn't that amazing? Just in case you're lucky, you get a FREE phone! This isn't just an ordinary phone fellas. This is Blackberry! A phone almost everybody wants to have. I have my own BB Curve but it's a different unit. 7 months ago, I bought my own Blackberry Curve 8520 (not so new compared to other people who have blackberry phones) and mind you, I bought it from a friend. Tadaah  ---  second hand! But anyways, so long as I experience the blackberry fever. HAHA

It's a good thing bloggers like Cheyser would host a giveaway as big as giving gadgets like this. It excites my happy hormones. Like I always say, I just have that 1-5% of winning, but better have that tiny percentage than none at all. Crossing my fingers and everything that I could ever cross. I am so desperate to win this phone. 

On the super brighter side, this is isn't the last giveaway yet. What could the seventh giveaway be? Could be a trip to somewhere out of the country? Hmmmm. 

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