Saturday, 1 September 2012

My Second Wishlist x Ministry of Retail

Is anyone gonna welcome me back? HAHA
The  last blog entry was two months ago. It's a good way to start my 1st day of September. :)
I just have a little story to tell, guys. Yesterday, I was reading the blogs of my favorite Philippine bloggers (my everyday habit) and it so happened that Camille Co is hosting a giveaway (which I never had a chance to win). It says a $100 Ministry of Retail coupon will be given away for the lucky one. I hope it's going to be me. Everybody, let's cross our fingers!

Anyway, I browsed through the site and picked my top dresses. Sooner, I'll be able to purchase them all.

To start off, I'm going to let my favorite color stand out. My eyes got bigger looking at this dress. It's so magical. I can already imagine myself wearing this. I know I'd feel so pretty (though I know I'm not). Any girl would look so much that of a princess.

The sleeves and its cutout is so feminine. The length of the dress is perfect as well though I know I'll be needing sky high heels/wedges if I were to wear this. Well, for those gifted with height,this would be just right for you.

Just looking at the pictures would make you come into conclusion that this is made of great material. Lately, I have been purchasing blouses of sheer chiffon material. I only realized it when I was looking for a plain basic top for casual day outs. 

The moment I saw this maxi dress, I instantly thought of out Gigantes adventure this September. I don't know what's with maxis that I am soo much in love with them even if I dont own one. Surprised? You shouldn't be. Every time I see these kinds of dresses, I go loco and depressed. There's magic in this dress. But I am just not for them. I don't want to waste my time having it cut so as not to trip when wearing this. Uggggh, somebody help me gain height!

And here I go again with my collar obsession. HAHA. Well, hey! Look at that collar? Perfectly cut out to make you feel 10 years looking younger and playful. Not to mention that it also comes with my favorite detail -- Polka Dots. Sounds Perfect!

This one's slim fit. This the main reason why I go jog even for like 30 minutes only. Better than none at all. I love how it emphasize the curves of the body and the short length of the bottom would make girls like me look taller. This comes in white too (below) My first choice was the grey one but then white's much more classy. I just don't know if the purity of white would look good on me. Every girl must take that into consideration. Why the hell would you purchase something you won't look good at? Makes sense?

The last of my endless list. I wish to mighty God I have this dress. I love it. That simple. It's so sophisticated.

That would be all folks. I have a lot of dresses saved on my lappy but then it might take forever for me to finish this post. I thought of just posting the pictures but that wouldn't make you all feel how much I long for these god damned clothes.  :) Enjoy browsing Ministry of Retail's site. I'm sure you'll love them

Be as merry as ever.
~merry meryll~


  1. thanks, anna and klaudia.. i'm so glad I get to have fashion bloggers from Poland who dropped by my blog. :) HAPPY

  2. Oh, thats amazing, dear!!!

    looove it :)

    we can follow each other if you want :)

    via gfc and other networcks like bloglovin, facebook, etc.

    Have a great day,

  3. Amazing dresses :) I love it!!

    The Misty Mom